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How to Use Colostrum-LD® (7:33 mins)

Douglas Wyatt, Founder and CEO of Sovereign Laboratories demonstrates how easy it is to make a delicious drink with Colostrum-LD without losing any of the nutritional benefits. For further information, go to MySovLabs.com.


Staying Healthy with Peptide Immunotherapy (7:13 mins)

Proline-rich Polypeptides are powerful extracts of immune factors from bovine colostrum that provide immune support. Modulating the immune response of the body helps to quell allergies in an overactive immune system or help boost the immune system when necessary such as in the case of infections. For further information, go to MySovHealth.org


Vital C-LD: Exceptional Vitamin C Benefits (8:19 mins)

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient but humans don't manufacture vitamin C requiring us to supplement our diets with vitamin C. Vital C-LD with liposomal delivery enables us to absorb 50% of the vitamin C compared to Ester C at 16.5% or ascorbic acid at 8.83%. For more information, go to MySovLabs.com


GastroDefense G.I. Solutions for Optimum Gut Health (5:21 mins)

Introducing GastroDefense Daily Therapy and GastroDefense Overnight Cleanse are formulated to be companion products to Colostrum-LDĀ®. GastroDefense products help to keep the surface of G.I. tract clear allowing maximum absorption of nutrients. For more information, go to MySovLabs.com



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