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ColostrumTx ProviderProductsFor more than 20 years we have provided the best bovine colostrum products available in the world. As experts in the use of bovine colostrum for human consumption, we are proud of our Gold Standard and outstanding results.

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Healthcare practitioners may become a Sovereign Laboratories Provider in one of two ways:

From, our professional pricing allows you to purchase products at 40% discount. In addition, we support professionals with

• Patient Educational Videos

• Patient Literature

• Vital Health News Articles

• Professional Certification in Colostrum including Patient Protocols

Or, you can make it easy for you and your patients with this option.
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Patients and clients may make purchases through our retail portal

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Send your patients to or sign-up patients in-office to our auto-ship program

  2. Eliminate the expense of purchasing product

  3. Eliminate the need to manage inventory

  4. Eliminate the need for more shelf space in your office

  5. No need to manage additional billing.

  6. We’ll send the product directly to your patients within 24 hours

  7. We’ll send you your commission check when purchases have met the minimum.    


TO BECOME A PROVIDER: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call Drew Friedman, National Sales Manager at 480 553 7768



Our Mission

Colostrum Therapy is Nature’s first food providing the foundation of our immune system. We offer this place to dialogue with physicians, healthcare professionals and interested individuals dedicated to improving health and reducing our reliance on traditional medical processes that offer little in preventative care. We welcome those who seek the truth, take responsibility for their health and want to improve patient health outcomes without creating side effects. This site is dedicated to Kaye Wyatt 1942-2006 for her dedication to sharing colostrum’s incredible healing story. It is to her we owe a debt of everlasting gratitude.

Amazon Reviews

"This product has been a miracle for me. Like Doug's wife, I was sick for 6 years and near death. I went to every medical professional possible without obtaining a true diagnosis. After using Colostrum-LD for one month I noticed significant improvement and now several months later and continuing to use the product, I am functioning normally. I tried other colostrum products with no results until a Dr. in Palm Desert, CA recommended this product as the only colostrum that would work. Thank you Sovereign Labs and Doug Wyatt for literally saving my life!" — Jack Faulkner Oregon

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How to Use Colostrum-LD® (7:33 mins)

Douglas Wyatt, Founder and CEO of Sovereign Laboratories demonstrates how easy it is to make a delicious drink with Colostrum-LD without losing any of the nutritional benefits. For further information, go to


Staying Healthy with Peptide Immunotherapy (7:13 mins)

Proline-rich Polypeptides are powerful extracts of immune factors from bovine colostrum that provide immune support. Modulating the immune response of the body helps to quell allergies in an overactive immune system or help boost the immune system when necessary such as in the case of infections. For further information, go to


Vital C-LD: Exceptional Vitamin C Benefits (8:19 mins)

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient but humans don't manufacture vitamin C requiring us to supplement our diets with vitamin C. Vital C-LD with liposomal delivery enables us to absorb 50% of the vitamin C compared to Ester C at 16.5% or ascorbic acid at 8.83%. For more information, go to


GastroDefense G.I. Solutions for Optimum Gut Health (5:21 mins)

Introducing GastroDefense Daily Therapy and GastroDefense Overnight Cleanse are formulated to be companion products to Colostrum-LDĀ®. GastroDefense products help to keep the surface of G.I. tract clear allowing maximum absorption of nutrients. For more information, go to



We ship all orders by Priority Mail both in the USA and internationally.

Priority Mail is 1-3 business days anywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii depending on how far away 

the addressee if from us. We ALWAYS ship by the next business day from the date of the order.

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