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Polypeptide Therapy

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Bioidentical Polypeptides™

Bioidentical Polypeptides™ products are made to achieve immunological resilience and homeostasis, derived and concentrated from bovine colostrum. Unlike other immune balancing products, Bioidentical Polypeptides™ contain high levels of colostral polypeptides, also referred to in the scientific literature as proline–rich polypeptides (PRPs). PRPs are one of the most important substances in colostrum and play a significant role in helping the immune system function in homeostasis.

Oral Spray

PRO Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray

Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray is a liquid fraction of whole colostrum rich in PRPs. With Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray, the PRPs and other natural immune-supporting nutrients are delivered via a unique and effective oral spray delivery system. With this system, the PRPs and other immune factors are absorbed quickly in the digestive tract because the 80+ identified low-molecular weight peptides are less than 5,000 daltons.

Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray utilizes a proprietary patented process (US Patent No. US7,547,770B2). In the United States, it is sold as a health supplement. In some international countries, it is sold as a drug for the treatment of immune disorders.

LD™ Capsules

PRO Bioidentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules Bioidentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules

Bioidentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules is a proprietary bovine colostrum powder with enhanced PRP levels and liposomal delivery. It contains a minimum of twelve percent (12%) PRPs, which is 4–40 times more than is typically present in other bulk bovine colostrum powders.

State-of-the-art and proprietary technologies are utilized to extract PRPs which are then added to first milking bovine colostrum to produce Bioidentical Polypeptides-LD™ capsules. Sovereign Laboratories then uses our proprietary liposomal encapsulation technology (LD-Liposomal Delivery) to protect the delicate proteins against stomach acids, bile, and other digestive enzymes; this allows for maximum delivery and absorption into the small intestine.

What Are Polypeptides?

Polypeptides are short chains of amino acids naturally occurring in the body and are the primary regulators of intercellular communication. These signaling peptides function as messengers in the body. Research suggests that polypeptides derived from mammalian sources, like bovine colostrum, may be used in immunotherapy, which may help slow down a hyperactive immune system or stimulate a suppressed immune system.

Maintaining homeostasis or balance of the immune system is vital — if the immune system is overactive or underactive, a person is susceptible to acute illnesses or chronic diseases.

A healthy immune system is typically in a state of homeostasis. When in this state, the body is well-equipped to ward off infection and support the healing process. An overactive immune system can cause the body to overreact to allergens or other substances (antigens) that are generally harmless. An immune system that is chronically overactive, the ensuing inflammation often results in tissue damage. Comparatively, an underactive immune system increases the body's susceptibility to infection and the healing response is either delayed or hampered.

In addition to immune system disturbances, some studies suggest leaky gut may contribute to chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other short- and long-term health problems. Yet polypeptide supplements contain polypeptides that may help support immune function and response within the body.

This is particularly beneficial if there is an abundance of inflammation in the body. Because an overactive immune response often occurs in connection with an underlying health issue, polypeptides show promise.

Using Polypeptide Supplements

Although some specific forms of polypeptide therapy may require a prescription (i.e., pharmaceutical formulations), polypeptide supplements generally do not. For example, certain injectable polypeptide products require a physician’s prescription.

Serving size and frequency of use for polypeptide products will vary from person to person. Users should always follow the instructions on the label and avoid exceeding the recommend serving. Be patient as it may take time before users see any noticeable results. If users have milk allergies, please reconsider their use of Bioidentical Polypeptides™ supplements.

It’s also important to understand that colostrum and polypeptide products should be used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Certain factors, like excessive alcohol use and unhealthy eating can actually prevent users from capitalizing on the benefits of both colostrum and colostrum-derived polypeptide products.

Keep in mind that these supplements are not designed as a short-term solution. They are intended as a long-term tool to support the immune system.