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Colostrum Specialist Course

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An Introduction to Bovine Colostrum for Practitioners and Staff

Bovine colostrum contains more than 200 bioactive components making it one of the most powerful natural therapies to restore the body to optimal health. Recognized as an important healing tool for thousands of years, the synergistic mammalian bioactive nutrients in bovine colostrum have been verified in hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies.

Our Bovine Colostrum Certification course is free and maximizes your leadership abilities to become a successful Colostrum Therapy provider. A series of four 10-minute videos hosted by Mark Tager, M.D, with a short comprehension quiz, will help you gain critical background knowledge about bovine colostrum and it's components; general and specific health benefits; and what sets Colostrum-LD® apart from competition.

The Bovine Colostrum Practitioner Certification Intro from Sovereign Laboratories on Vimeo.

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