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Bovine Colostrum: HEALTH BENEFITS
As the “first food of life,” the health benefits of bovine colostrum have been known around the world for thousands of years. More recently, colostrum has been “re-discovered” and researchers believe that colostrum can help stem the rising tide of debilitating chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases facing today’s societies. This comprehensive literature search contains links to PubMed for a better understanding of colostrum’s true potential in human health and healing.

Thriving Baby & Recovering Mother: The Importance of Colostrum for New Moms and Infants
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Vital Health News
Motherhood is a big responsibility that entails a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and important decisions about breastfeeding. The Center for Nutritional Research advocates that all infants breastfeed for the first two years of life, but we also know that exclusive breastfeeding isn’t always possible. Bovine colostrum is an alternative for this critical nutrition, especially when breastfeeding is discontinued. Colostrum also has benefits for mom as well. Because pregnancy takes an enormous toll on a woman’s body, supplementing with colostrum can assist with an overall fitness and nutrition program, so that mom can return to her pre-pregnancy fitness level and improve her overall health.

Colostrum & Pets: An Interview with Steven R. Blake, DVM
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Vital Health News
Douglas Wyatt from the Center for Nutritional Research interviews veterinarian Steven Blake who uses colostrum to treat his patients. Dr. Blake recognizes that animals can suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome in the same way that humans do. As animals age, their ability to produce immune factors and growth factors decreases and this results in an increase both acute and chronic diseases. By supplementing with colostrum, and thus strengthening the gastrointestinal tract, Dr. Blake believes that it’s possible to eliminate over ninety percent of all diseases in our beloved pets. Dr. Blake discusses his patients’ success stories with allergies, joint pain and surgical wounds.He reminds us that it’s our responsibility to care for our pets with the most non-toxic modalities we can.

Bovine Colostrum & Superbugs: Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Are Lurking in Our Food Supply
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Vital Health News
Superbugs were once a figment of Hollywood’s imagination, but no more. These antibiotic-resistant bacteria and deadly viruses are definitely real; they’re here and making people ill in record numbers and taking lives. Superbugs commonly found in the soil and in animal and human gastrointestinal tracts make their way to the dinner table via contaminated processing equipment, food workers’ dirty hands, manure applied to crops, as well as livestock and fish, who have themselves been raised on unnecessary antibiotics. Bovine colostrum is our last and most promising hope for survival against these superbugs. Antibodies in bovine colostrum can be effective in both the prevention or treatment of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Colostrum & Allergies: Managing the Immune Response
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Vital Health News
Most people don’t think of allergies as being related to Leaky Gut Syndrome, but they’re often the symptom of Leaky Gut Syndrome. Holes in the gut lining allow potential allergens to cross-over into the bloodstream and the immune system literally goes berzerk because it believes these substances are harmful. When this overactive immune response becomes chronic, allergies and autoimmune conditions develop. Fortunately, colostrum supplementation does double duty for allergy sufferers. It heals the leaky gut, and it contains active components that reduce the overactive immune system response. PRPs help the body by preventing the immune system from attacking its own tissues. Colostrum also contains antibodies against many common human allergens.

The Benefits of HGH Without the Cost or Side Effects
by Robert J. Rowen, Dr. Robert Jay Rowen’s Second Opinion, July 2012
Human Growth Hormone may be popular with athletes and individuals seeking the “Fountain of Youth” but HGH is not without the financial and health costs. Colostrum offers the benefits of HGH without the side effects. Colostrum contains IGF-1 (the “real” growth hormone) and the human body needs IGF-1 to produce new cells, repair tissue, and create lean muscle mass while helping to promote fat burning. Colostrum also contains other growth factors which help accelerate the regeneration of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which translates to faster recovery from injuries, osteoporosis prevention, and brings about anti-aging effects.

Common Questions About Colostrum-LD®
by Sovereign Laboratories
Colostrum is the first food for growth and immunity; it is the pre-milk, or rather the first lacteal secretion that is produced by all mammalian mothers immediately following the birth of their young. Colostrum is frequently referred to as “life’s first food”. It not only supports life but also makes it flourish. Colostrum’s immunoglobulins, growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other substances designed to provide the body with the ability to face a lifetime of invasion by microorganisms and environmental toxins.Colostrum as a supplement is the most researched and beneficial healing and preventative super food known. If you take only one supplement, be sure that it’s Colostrum-LD®. The Patient Education Compendium is available for purchase by patients at As a healthcare professional, this Compendium is available to you by registering on this site.

The Patient Education Compendium is available to Healthcare Professionals by registering. The Compendium is available to the public at


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