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Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Modern Epidemic with an Ancient Solution?
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Townsend Letter, June 2014
Often misunderstood and nearly always undiagnosed, leaky gut syndrome has become an epidemic in modern times, as evidenced by the epidemic of allergies and chronic diseases. The more public attention given to the overuse and abuse of pain medications and antibiotics is sure to drive home the message that physicians need a paradigm shift in treatment of chronically ill patients. When Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut, he was far ahead of his time. After 2000 years, we are just beginning to understand and accept this premise in modern medicine. If we understand and appreciate colostrum for the true gift that it is, we can utilize it for the healing and prevention of gastrointestinal distress and therefore, chronic toxicity; and in doing so, we will dramatically increase quality of life and reduce unnecessary death and disability.

Bovine Colostrum and Immune Modulation: Managing Viral Threats with PRPs
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Townsend Letter, January 2015
Living in today's world requires a strong immune system. In the third millennium, medicine is confronted by new and more virulent pathogens which have either adapted to resist our current drugs or no vaccine exists. Stress, poor nutrition, unhealthy behaviors, and increasing levels of pollution and toxins in the environment weaken the immune system, thereby making humans less effective to defend against them. When the immune system becomes unbalanced, infection and disease get the green light. On the other hand, a healthy, balanced immune system provides the best prophylaxis against illness. Bovine colostrum and the proline-rich polypeptides derived from it are essential to good health in today’s world. PRPs are an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical drug-based medicine and provide hope in the face of conditions that are either untreatable or difficult to treat.

Bovine Colostrum and Athletic Performance: What We Can Learn from the Super Athlete
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Vital Health News
Athletes will go to great lengths to achieve superior performance, as evidenced by seemingly pervasive doping and illegal growth hormone use in professional sports. There is an alternative that won’t cause unnecessary harm later in life for professional athletes who want to improve performance naturally, healthfully, and within the guidelines of their respective governing authorities. The super athletes choose bovine colostrum. Bovine colostrum can help shorten recovery time following intense exercise; build lean muscle mass; burn adipose tissue; maintain ideal blood glucose levels; accelerate healing of injuries; preserve and boost immune function; and heal Leaky Gut Syndrome. Weekend warriors and everyday exercisers can benefit as well, without feeling the need to put harmful or unproven substances into their bodies.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Bovine Colostrum
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Vital Health News
Emerging evidence suggests that bovine colostrum contains a plethora of components that play various roles in human health and offer anti-aging benefits. As we understand more about colostrum, we recognize its far-reaching potential in increasing longevity. Colostrum’s ability to enhance health and healing from chronic diseases gives it the power to halt the deleterious effects associated with human aging. Daily supplementation with biologically active bovine colostrum offers hope to a wide range of patients who are otherwise in physical and/or psychological distress.

Bovine Colostrum & Infant Health: The Importance of Colostrum for Infants Who Are Not Breastfed
by Douglas A. Wyatt, Vital Health News
Maternal milk offers passive protection to a newborn infant against enteric pathogens, primarily via the transfer of immunoglobulins and growth factors from mother to infant. If a woman is unable to breastfeed, her newborn can greatly benefit from bovine colostrum. Research shows that bovine antibodies in colostrum can be effective in the prevention or treatment of both human and animal diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi. Additionally, growth factors in colostrum help the newborn’s gut mature and complete its development.

How over 8,000 People Got Blessed Relief from Their Joint Pain... by Boosting Their Immune Systems!
by Robert J. Rowen, Dr. Robert Jay Rowen’s Second Opinion
In the landmark Ohio Survey, eight out of ten arthritis sufferers taking colostrum for three months experienced significant pain relief. Researchers also found that colostrum worked better and faster than glucosamine. Colostrum was able to stop painful inflammation and block the pain signals. Colostrum helps ease joint pain with the same compounds found in narcotic painkillers, and without the dangerous and addictive side effects of prescription opiates. Two of the proteins in colostrum act like opiates when they’re digested and attach to the pain receptors to quiet the pain signals in the brain. Colostrum also helps rebuild bones and joint tissue to further improve arthritic conditions. Answers to

Components of Colostrum-LD® Powder and their Physiological Benefits
Bovine colostrum contains more than 280 identified components to date. Some of the most important components are the immunoglobulins and antibodies, in light of the enormous impact of gut-based pathogens and diarrhea on health around the world. An overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria is no match for conventional pharmaceutical treatment and when combined with Leaky Gut Syndrome, it puts millions of people on the path to chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases. Understanding the vast array of bioactive components reveals the enormous potential for colostrum in improving human health.

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